Woodsball vs Speedball: Which do we prefer?

Over the course of this summer we have been hitting the playing field hard. Actually that would be an understatement. In total, we have played 200 games of paintball in the last 6 weeks. That number is huge! And it has been a blast. While we are normally a hardcore speedball team, we have been digging into some hardcore milsim woodsball action as of late.

You know what they say, variety is the spice of life! Anyone who is playing paintball professionally or at a semi-pro sponsored level knows that it can eventually become a job, and if you stress too much about it, a total grind. E-Sports players must have a similar perspective, with a game they love becoming a full time occupation. While it is nice to get paid to play, sometimes you have to go back to the basics and dive back into your love of the sport.

For us this meant taking a breather from tournament speedball play and getting in some more casual fun games. This totally helped take the stress off and really helped us get back into a fun loving, team play environment. Below we will break down the various points we love about both speedball and woodsball play, and if you are an aspiring paintball pro, hopefully give you some added perspective about playing professionally.


Speedball is our bread and butter since we started playing paintball over 10 years ago. Our local field at the time was an indoors speedball field, so there really wasn’t much choice! Speedball is a great game for those who want to get a ton of rounds in during a paintball play session, some rounds lasting under a minute. The downside of this is most players tend to have high end paintball guns like the empire axe that can spray tons of balls on automatic. So the entry bar is set pretty high. However thanks to the insane amount of paintballs flying through the air, this is akin to trench warfare. you really have to sprint from cover to cover and it is a real adrenaline spike thats for sure!

The Paintball Pros Are Back!

Hey everyone! Just a quick heads up that after some major server issues, we have switched hosts and are currently re-vamping the site to be more professional. Our paintball team has been playing hard the last couple weeks and we are now taking some downtime to work on our online presence. This means new social media updates, and some new articles about the new paintball gear we have upgraded to. All new paintball guns and tactical gear for the new season.

paintball mask

So stay tuned, there are going to be lots more updates coming in the near future as we re-boot the site and get everything up and running again! Our latest victory against a national level team has spurred us into action in boosting our online new sources and giving our fans a better level of interaction. Stay tuned!